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    A Taster of life at Universal Pictures International

    September 9th, 2015

    Work Experience Week

    work exp

    Our Universal Pictures International Work Experience Programme was a success for the third year running!

    What kind of jobs are there in a Film Company? That was the question answered by our Universal Pictures team during our recent work experience weeks.

    13 diverse candidates, aged between 16 and 27, split across two identical weeks (7 in the first week and 6 in the second week), travelled to our London Head Office to enjoy a taster of life at Universal Pictures International.

    The week started with an Induction talk giving an overview of the business, a Health and Safety talk (most important!) and then an afternoon of script experience

    Day two saw ten teams present for half an hour each on their relevant business areas, including Finance, Marketing, Promotions and Publicity. Everyone was involved in presenting – Senior Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and Assistants. The candidates learnt how a movie is taken from a script and given the greenlight for production, and what happens after the movie is made to get it out into the world.

    On day three, the candidates visited one of our Creative Agencies for half a day to learn about how they assist Universal Pictures on the Creative side.

    Day four involved watching the finished movie of the script they read earlier in the week, gaining an insight into our Home Entertainment business and a Social Media session on promoting oneself professionally in today’s social media mayhem! Finally, day five was spent with our own UK Territory team, learning about reaching the UK market with our films.

    Feedback was fantastic – even from those that encountered the dreaded tube strikes! When asked what they most enjoyed, one candidate wrote ‘seeing the wide range of job roles that exist in the business and being able to gain an insight into the many, divergent, aspects of the business’. Another firm favourite was going out to the Creative Agency and seeing current creative work in progress. Overall, I think the candidates and the teams at Universal thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun! Hopefully we can repeat it all over again next year!

    Tips to gain the most out of a work experience week –

    • Read up about the company – spend a little bit of time looking on the company website to familiarise yourself with the business and maybe even prepare a few questions that you would like answered during the week.
    • Come prepared – bring a pen and pad of paper to jot down any useful information.
    • Ask questions – no question is silly, embarrassing, or irrelevant.
    • Get contacts – ask for email addresses and make the most of networking opportunities. You never know where your next role may come from….!

    A number of work experience programmes run across NBCU International – opportunities are advertised online in partnership with local schools. Follow us on Twitter @NBCUintl.

    My First 2 Months at NBCUniversal!

    August 7th, 2015


    My name is Daryl, and I’m the new Talent Acquisition Advisor here at NBCUniversal International, and I’m very excited to have joined the team.

    Well, I say new… it’s already been a couple of months, but I guess time flies when you’re having fun! It’s certainly been busy, however I like a challenge so I’ve enjoyed getting stuck in. Having made it this far, I figured it was about time I got acquainted with the Recruiter Blog, so here’s a little summary of what I’ve been up to so far…

    On my very first day I got to see the IT Apprentice Scheme assessment centres in action – it was great to see so many enthusiastic candidates at the very start of their careers, and the standard was really high. It definitely broke the ice during the introductions when, after a rather daunting stream of “I’ve been here for 2/5/10 years”, I told the candidates I’d only been here an hour and was just as nervous as they were! I’m looking forward to seeing how the successful candidates progress in their careers once they start with us, and I’m sure this is a scheme that will really take off in the future and pave the way for similar apprentice schemes in other business areas.



    This was followed soon after by our first UK Hackathon, which was certainly a first for me as well. After having a look at what came out of the Hackathons in Orlando, LA and New York, I couldn’t wait to see what we could produce over here – and the UK contestants certainly didn’t disappoint. After a bit of networking over breakfast as participants registered and brainstormed some ideas, it was time for the pitches before getting themselves into teams to bring their ideas to life and battle it out for the number one spot. The Talent team all had our favourites, and it seems we definitely know a winner when we see one; the winning group was Golden Ticket, our unanimous favourite.

    Since then, I’ve been recruiting all manner of roles and speaking to a wide variety of candidates – the main thing that I’ve noticed with the candidates who have been successful is that they all have a real passion for what they do and a genuine love for our content; something that’s reflected within every business area I’ve come into contact with.

    Coroprate Town HallWe had our first annual Corporate Town Hall last week and afterwards were treated to an exclusive advance screening of Trainwreck (a must-see and not just another chick-flick, that’s for sure!) – just one of the many perks of the job. From Furious 7, Jurassic World and Minions in the cinema to I Am Cait and the continued success of Downton Abbey on TV, 2015 has been a huge year for us so far and it’s not over yet. I’m experiencing first-hand what a great place NBCUniversal International is to work; hopefully I can help you find your dream job here, so you can experience it too.

    NBCU OUT Asia Pacific launches in Singapore and observes Pink Dot 2015

    July 27th, 2015

    1On June 10, NBCUniversal’s Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore was glittered with a pop of pink. It was “Wear Pink Wednesday” and more than 60 colleagues across various divisions gathered at the 6th Floor Gallery in anticipation of OUT Asia Pacific’s launch party. Decked out in 50 shades of pink, everyone was treated to delicious pink cupcakes and pink lemonade. Justin Che, Managing Director, International Television, Asia Pacific, kicked off the session with some opening remarks about the importance of LGBT inclusiveness in the workplace.

    OUT also invited Alan Seah and his team from Pink Dot, a non-profit LGBT organization in Singapore, to share an insightful presentation about the current LGBT movement in the country. During the Q&A segment, he answered questions about the challenges faced by LGBT people in Singapore and shared about the Pink Dot event happening during the weekend.3

    On Saturday, June 13, OUT Asia Pacific had its first official outing and observed Pink Dot 2015 at Hong Lim Park. The event has been heralded as the largest non-profit LGBT gathering in Singapore.

    According to event organisers, an estimated 28,000 people attended Pink Dot this year which celebrates “the freedom to love” for all. The OUT Asia Pacific crew arrived at the park in hot pink OUT@NBCUniversal-branded T-shirts and witnessed the record-breaking attendance.

    Among the fun-filled activities at the event included live stand-up comedy and music performances by up-and-coming local acts. The event culminated with the climatic Pink Dot formation and breath-taking light-up.

    Life of a Campus Recruiter

    July 6th, 2015

    Hi everyone, I’m the brand new Campus Recruiter for NBCUniversal International! I’m really excited to have joined the lovely team in Singapore.

    c2cAs a Campus Recruiter, I manage our campus2career program, which started life in the US and is now also running here in Singapore. In America, our internship program is ranked within the top 10 for the country and we’re looking to emulate that success here in Asia Pacific!

    Our internship program is really important, and given that we hire over 50 interns a year, we strongly believe that there is huge potential to further develop this program. As NBCUniversal continues to grow in Asia, the search for great talent to join the business is ever more important. We’re always looking for future leaders with great ideas!

    One of our key aims with campus2career is to ensure that people understand who we are here in Singapore. Many people know CNBC, Universal Studios, and our TV channels such as Diva and E!, but we really want to show that NBCUniversal is a truly global company with a huge array of fantastic brands. To increase this awareness, we held our second campus2career event last Saturday where we hosted 120 students from some of the best Singapore Universities.

    Students were registering for the event and we had refreshments all lined up for them!

    We had colleagues from various departments such as Marketing, HR, Advertising Sales and the News team who joined us for the networking session, sharing their insight and experiences with students.

    As part of the event our Head of Creative Solutions for CNBC, Abhishek, gave a presentation on the business, the campus2career program and the various internship opportunities available to students. His fun and informative speech allowed the students to learn about our company and what our internship program entails.

    Following the presentation we screened one of the biggest movie events of the year – Jurassic World, which has already broken box office records and gives students a real sense of the amazing content that NBCUniversal creates.

    Since the event we have had over 25 students apply for our various internships, and have already hired four! An amazing result and proof that NBCUniversal is a really great place for students looking for an internship with a difference!

    We’ll be doing more events in the coming months and look forward to continuing our success. For information, follow us @NBCUglobaljobs, catch up with us on Instagram @NBCU_campusasia and to apply for open roles please visit

    Eat, Sleep, Hack, Repeat

    June 16th, 2015

    Despite missing out on some serious freak sunshine in London earlier this month, we had a great time at the NBCU Hackathon!

    Following the success of previous NBCU Hackathon events in NYC, LA and Orlando, this was the first London event with a grand prize of £7,500! We arrived at the Impact Hub in Westminster to find a buzz of excitement in the air. The theme of the event was “The Future of Content Creation, Distribution and Monetisation in a Connected World” and we set out 4 business challenges: gifting digital content, social transactional& Impulse Purchase, Driving social interaction within a subscription service and next generation advertising.


    Idea generators took to the stage and had just 1 minute to pitch their idea, following the pitches all of our hackers (developers, designers, marketers) engaged in discussions about the ideas and teams were formed. 24 hours of hard work, coffee, free food and power naps later- all of the teams presented their now fully formed business ideas to our panel of esteemed judges. The winner was Golden Ticket- a way to share the gift of entertainment in a customizable digital gift pack via email of social network.

    The Talent Acquisition team, together with our HR Colleagues had a stand at the event and we were thrilled to talk to so many interesting people, interested in working for NBCU. We also had some great DVD’s to giveaway at the event and had a really great time watching the competition in action. As we look at digital models for reaching our consumers and media converges further, we are looking for not only for technical abilities but a mindset of innovation, disruptive thinking and above all absolute passion for content!
    It was an amazingly fun event and we were excited to be a part of it!
    For more info go to

    Travels of a Talent Acquisition Manager – Part 3

    May 7th, 2015

    As part of my role I’m fortunate enough to occasionally travel and spend time with our businesses outside my home base of Singapore, and last week saw me working out of Tokyo, Japan.

    Our Tokyo based HR team, plus one visitor!

    Our Tokyo based HR team, plus one visitor!

    We have around 100 people based in Tokyo, with the majority working for our Home Entertainment business. The purpose of my trip was to gain real insight into the challenges of recruiting top talent in this unique market, and to support our local teams in attracting the very best people to join us.

    Our Tokyo based HR team, plus one visitor!

    And Tokyo in Spring is well worth a visit. I was lucky enough to get to see the end of the famous cherry blossom season, Sakura. This, combined with the vibrancy of a large, diverse and fascinating city, was reason enough to go.

    Work however was just as insightful, providing me with a better understanding of the challenges we face in attracting great talent.

    One part of the business unique to Japan is the Animé / Local Acquisition division. This team work hard to identify great Animé stories, acquires the Intellectual Property, and works with some amazing production studios to create highly popular series that we then distribute via TV and Blu-ray.

    (Our latest hit is Seraph, a story about humanity’s struggle to overthrow its Vampire overlords following a catastrophic epidemic that wipes out every adult on Earth).

    b2Estimates vary, but it’s thought that between 3-5% of the Japanese population speak English. Take into account the fact that last year only 5% of the working population moved jobs; factor in the often very specific skillsets that we require, such as Animé production, and you end up with an extremely limited talent pool! But that bilingual expertise is essential for a lot of our roles as the teams liaise with our International HQ in London and the US teams.

    But what a time to be working in Japan! As well as our great slate of content this year, both from an Animé and a film perspective, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has also agreed a deal with Paramount to distribute Paramount’s DVD and Blu-ray discs in overseas markets where Paramount has an office. This includes Japan, and as such creates meaningful benefits to both studios.

    2015 is looking to be a great year for our Japanese operations, drive by a fantastic local team and some great content. I look forward to returning to Tokyo soon.

    For more information on roles and opportunities in Tokyo, keep an eye on our open roles and further updates on this blog!

    A Day of Learning – But what’s the Use?

    March 29th, 2015

    I get very enthusiastic about attending training courses, conferences and events. I’ll go to anything I can get my hands on. Partly because it’s good to get out of the office and network with other people in the industry, and partly because I want to learn new things. But somehow I’m always left wondering what did I actually learn, and was it really worth it?

    That’s exactly what I’m thinking after an event I attended a couple of weeks ago. It was about how businesses should plan their workforces for the future. Of course, it’s really important for any business to understand where they’re heading and what skills they’ll need when they get there, so I was keen to attend and work out if there were any tips we could use here at NBCUniversal.

    I tried to concentrate on the theories that were presented to us, and I focussed really hard on the case studies from other companies who are going through this process right now. But for some reason I just can’t imagine putting most of this stuff into practice and that’s the issue with these types of events – what do we actually get out of them? They’re expensive, take you out of the office for long periods of time and you don’t necessarily get any benefit in return. Thinking back, it’s the same for most of the events I’ve been to in the last few years.

    When I got back to the office, I talked to someone in my team who also went on a training course this week and she said pretty much the same thing. Her view was that she hadn’t learnt anything that she didn’t already know. In fact, 6 people were booked on her course but only 2 showed up. So that course didn’t even have the benefit of meeting new people! But hey, maybe I’m just telling you what you already know – that “classroom” learning is no longer the most useful development tool for you or your business.

    I was inspired by a new idea today though, when I had a conversation with someone about MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses if you don’t know). Now this sounds really interesting. Fair enough, they don’t give you the face-to-face networking opportunities that might be one of the reasons you’re attending an event, and they definitely don’t get you out of the office for the day. But the learning is in short, sharp bites over a longer period of time and if you don’t find the first hour useful, you can simply skip the rest of it and choose another course.

    So I feel a change coming over me. Less of the events I’m used to and more of the new – which means I must have learnt something after all!

    Welcome to our UK IT Apprenticeship Scheme

    March 20th, 2015

    The NBCUniversal UK IT Apprenticeship Scheme is open! A new scheme, it is designed to enable you to build your communication and customer services skills whilst getting external accreditation and learning about areas of our business. You’ll start on the Service Desk and then look at projects and other business areas within the IT Service Management organisation. We’ll also, at the right time, give you the technical training you need to become competent in your chosen field.

    You don’t necessarily need to have studied technical subjects at school, as we are looking for individuals who have a passion for technology and a strong commitment to pursuing a career in this area.

    In terms of criteria, you will need to:

    • Be aged 18 or over
    • Have at least 5 GCSE’s at A*-C (including Maths & English)
    • Have a strong interest in IT & Technology

    At the start of the programme, you will work with your Manager to create your personal development plan. The plan focuses on your training and development needs. Beyond that, as part of your two-year development you will attend different training courses which will develop your technical and managerial skill-set and allow you to apply your learning to the day job.

    Don’t miss out! Check out the timetable below:

    • March 2015: Applications Open
    • 30th April 2015: Applications Close
    • May 2015: Assessment Centre
    • Beginning of June 2015: Receive Feedback & Outcome
    • 31st August 2015: Programme Begins

    Follow us at @NBCUGlobaljobs for updates and visit to learn more about the IT Apprenticeship Scheme.

    The Next Generation of Talent in Singapore

    March 9th, 2015

    As Talent Acquisition Manager for Asia Pacific, I feel a responsibility. As NBCUniversal International continues to grow across the region, and with what feel like our most exciting years still to come, I will be playing a part in shaping our businesses across Asia to help us achieve our goals. Heady stuff… but these are the challenges that make my role so much fun!

    So what is my part to play? I help to attract and hire the very best emerging talent – talent that could eventually shape and define what we look like as an organization. This new talent is disruptive, ambitious and come armed with fresh ideas, a taste for innovation and both eyes firmly on the future. Identifying this talent is the first step.

    Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

    Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

    As part of this journey, I spent this week visiting some of our key partners in Singapore – the Universities and Polytechnics who work with us to supply a pool of exceptional interns and future employees.

    For a country of its size, Singapore enjoys a large number of exceptional learning establishments. Not only do they provide courses on the more “traditional” career routes, such as finance, business management and marketing, but they also offer more diverse opportunities, including mass communications, combining elements of journalism, public relations and marketing.

    These diplomas are perfect for students wishing to pursue a career in media, advertising, PR, production, corporate communications and more. In addition there are an ever greater number of courses in media and design, including the likes of creative writing for TV & new media, visual effects & motion graphics, and digital animation.

    Here at NBCUniversal we consider ourselves story-tellers, creating compelling content that is distributed around the globe. And as our world changes, with ever-increasing pace and diversity in the way consumers watch our content, the next generation of talent will play a key part in our evolution.

    So, it’s always a real thrill to visit the Universities and Polytechnics, building relationships with the lecturers, the people who run internship programs, and the folk who partner alumni and MBA graduates, and understand that the talent we need to build our future may well be right here in Singapore.

    Whilst the number of students participating in these specialist courses is relatively small, the talent that they produce is exactly what an international organization such as NBCUniversal needs to ensure that we continue to entertain, inform and shape the World.

    If you’re based in Asia Pacific, and interested in exploring NBCUniversal International, please browse current open roles at, and follow us @NBCUglobaljobs

    Internships – how do you choose?

    February 26th, 2015

    If you’ve been keeping an eye on the NBCUniversal International job board, or following us on Twitter, you’ll know that Intern Season ™ is in full swing.

    For us, it’s a very exciting time of year as we welcome applications from hopeful sandwich-year students. It’s great to see so much enthusiasm for the business, and industry. And I think we learn more throughout the interview process than we teach sometimes – Millenials are keyed in to so many new technologies and have fresh, innovative ideas.

    But, as someone looking for an internship, how do you decide which are for you? Things to consider might be…

    • sHow much time do I have? We often receive queries from very motivated, qualified people who, unfortunately, only have a few weeks a available. The majority of our internships are 12 months long, paid, and require a full-time commitment from the intern. We also look primarily for sandwich-year students. So, do a little digging on careers pages, utilise websites like and see which internships are a fit for you, time wise.
    • Do I want a ‘real job’ or an experience? All internships are not equal. Generally, the longer an internship, the more resemblance it bears to an actual job. At NBCUniversal International you can expect goals and objectives, working on real business issues and making a contribution to our business.
    • What are the future prospects? If you’re set on a career in Investment Banking, working at NBCUniversal International for a year (unless it’s in our corporate strategy team!) may not be the best move. We always encourage people to think about their ‘runway’ and where they want to be in a few years’ time. Particularly if that end game isn’t related to your degree or extra-curriculars, an internship can be a great way to get a foot in the door and build new skills.
    • What are the perks? After all, you’re only an intern for a portion of your career! Whether it’s free vending machines, screenings, DVD drops, subsidised gym (all of which we have), many companies offer interns benefits beyond pay and a desk to sit at.

    Above all, just ask. Whether or not a particular interview or company is relevant for you, it’s all good knowledge building and a chance to build your network. So speak to people, get the 411, and keep asking questions until you find out what works best for you.

    You can follow us @NBCUGlobaljobs and visit to find out more about our internships and other roles.