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    Interested in working in China?

    December 16th, 2014

    Well, here are two compelling reasons to start…


    Something rather special happened on Monday 17th November.

    At the Park Hyatt hotel in Beijing, Universal Pictures International officially opened its Beijing office.

    The great and the good of Chinese cinema were invited, including exhibitors, distribution partners, consumer product licensees, promotional partners, film agency partners, advertising agencies and the like, as well as our own stars in the form of Jo Yan, MD for China, Jeff Shell, Chairman of NBCUniversal’s filmed entertainment group, and Comcast Chief Brian Roberts.

    Last year saw global box office revenues gross over US$35bn. An ever growing percentage of this revenue is coming from China. And according to most sources, China is now the second biggest box office in the world, behind the US.

    And as US studios continue to develop their attempts to woo an ever-growing Chinese audience, NBCUniversal is looking at playing a major part in driving that growth, not just through the distribution of our own movies, including the likes of Jurassic World and the Minions movie, but also through the co-production and co-financing of locally produced content.

    The Minion Room at the official launch of the Universal Studios Beijing Office


    We also recently announced the creation of our next theme park, to be based in the Tongzhou suburb of Beijing.

    A joint venture between Universal Parks & Resorts and the Beijing Shouhan Cultural Tourism Investment consortium, this $3bn investment is expected to cover up to 1,000 acres, and will hopefully open around 2019. With many estimates indicating that Chinese theme park visitors will rival US numbers by 2020, the timing couldn’t be better!


    Given the growth of our operations in China, and the development of our strategy across the broader Asia Pacific region, we’re always on the lookout for the very best talent to ensure the success of these major projects.

    From Sales and Marketing, to Business Development, to Finance and Distribution, our teams are being challenged in new and exciting ways every day. And working in places like Beijing and Shanghai offer our teams invaluable insight into the Chinese market and culture.

    The next few years are going to be pivotal in NBCUniversal International’s presence in the region. To be a part of this incredible journey, and to fast track your career development in one of the fastest growing and dynamic markets in the world, keep a close eye on our International careers site for opportunities to join us.

    Assessment Centres – The NBCU Survival Guide

    November 21st, 2014

    Earlier this month we held an assessment day for our Future Leaders Programme, our flagship commercial graduate scheme running across the International Television businesses. From a staggering 1,200 applications, we guided our candidates through a range of assessments before a final twelve were selected and invited to the last stage, the assessment day.

    After a fun evening of (sensibly restricted) drinks and an ever so slightly foreboding welcome from our SVP of HR David Walsh, the final twelve prepared themselves for a full day of assessment involving a group exercise, individual presentations and sit-down interviews with senior people from the TV business.

    So far, so X Factor. But we’ve seen from the results that assessment in this environment is an effective way to identify core competencies and potential. Which is particularly difficult when everyone attending is qualified, talented and quite frankly, lovely. So … how do you prepare yourself to succeed at one of these assessment days?

    • Prepare before the big day, make sure you understand what is important to the business and read any preparation materials you’ve been given thoroughly.
    • Make sure you articulate what you are thinking and why in exercises. If you keep your rationale to yourself it may be hard for us to see the skills we are looking for.
    • Take your time; Activities will be timed but good planning and timekeeping are often part of the challenge that are being assessed. Don’t go all bull in a china shop as panic mode will not result in a positive outcome.
    • Complete tasks as described. If you are requested to present a business case with pros, cons and recommendations make sure you cover all of these aspects.
    • Take advantage of food and drink provided, and any time you’re given to relax – sitting down for an entire day is surprisingly tiring when you’re using your brain, so keep your energy up
    • Don’t fall into the trap of discussing how you think you did with others in the breaks, but do enjoy the day and socialise with others.
    • Try to ignore assessors – they are there to observe but you will perform best if you can try to engage in the tasks without worrying about what they are thinking at the same time.
    • If you think you’ve screwed up in one exercise, don’t give up on the rest! Often we see candidates doing well in one exercise and not so well in another, you can still do well over all, so don’t let one set back ruin your chances.
    • Most importantly be yourself! I know it’s cheesy but it’s really important as the assessment Centre is a way for a business and for you to see if you are a good match. If you pretend to be someone you are not then you may get the job and find that it’s not right for you in the longer term.

    Great Questions to ask at Interview

    November 11th, 2014
    nbc interview

    So, you’ve applied for a job and – happy days! – you have been invited to have a phone interview or a meeting with the business. You have prepared you answers to some of the questions you anticipate, researched the business and gone to sleep at, oh, approximately 8pm the night before to make sure you’re feeling fresh. Great!

    Often at NBCUniversal International, this first round is managed by our recruiters. Our role is to find out more about your background and skill set, your motivations to join our business in a particular role, and to gauge whether you’d be an overall fit for the company.

    We are also there to ask questions. Whether you’ve applied for the role or we’ve approached you, we view the interview process as a two-way street. It’s as much about you feeling comfortable with us as an employer, as NBCUniversal International wanting to bring you on board. We want to sell you the value of working with us.
    nbc interview


    Your interview is unlikely to look like this…

    So, it can be a little disconcerting when (having deliberately left 20 minutes for this exact purpose) we ask, “So, what questions do you have?” and … nothing. Often people say that they have done extensive online research, or that they’ve worked in a similar business, so they feel very comfortable. Which is great, but there’s only so much you can gauge from the outside, and we admire inquisitive, curious types.

    With that in mind, there are some questions that we feel a great candidate would want to know. Often these are:

    How would you describe the working culture here?

    You’d be surprised how often this isn’t asked! You spend a surprising amount of time at work, and thinking about work, and we want to make sure that you understand who we are and what we stand for. We will be honest – and glad that you have expressed the need to work in an environment that suits you, as well as a job that you’re qualified for.

    Can you tell me a bit more about the manager/team?

    We usually get as far as titles, but bear in mind you’re working with internal recruiters. Often, we know the manager and the team, and on occasion they might be someone we’ve been to the pub with! So feel free to ask.
    Is there anything about my application that you’re concerned about at this stage?

    You’re already at the interview stage, so don’t be afraid to ask about this. It shows a willingness to learn and improve yourself, which is great. And again, we’ll be honest, and try to help you think about ways to strengthen your application, for now and the future.

    So, what are NBCUniversal International’s plans for the next 2/5/10 years?

    Particularly for strategic or senior roles, we’d hope that candidates will be inquisitive about the bigger picture. Of course, we won’t grab a flip chart and start outlining our entire strategy, but we can give you an idea of where we see the business going, and our challenges and opportunities going forward.

    Are there any opportunities for flexible working in this role?

    This is a question that people are often cautious in asking. There’s no need to be – we do support flexible working as a business, and it’s useful for us to know what you’re needs are in this area.

    How to you measure performance in this business?

    A really good question, as it shows you’re performance-orientated, and that you want to understand our expectations.

    And the best question I was ever asked by a candidate…. “So, why would I want to work here?”

    For a few seconds I was stunned – nobody had ever asked this. But it was a brilliant question – that candidate came away with a lecture on our current situation, how we stack up against the competition, international growth, an in-depth discussion on China, talk about our epic Christmas party, thoughts on Downton Abbey season 5 (in fact I don’t remember if we discussed that but we discussed pretty much everything else!) and much more. By asking one simple question, he learned more than anyone else in the process. And that stood him in good stead.

    The moral of the story is – don’t be afraid to ask. There are very few stupid questions, and we are here to help. Just don’t ask us what’s going to happen next on Made in Chelsea. On that, we know as much as you do…

    NBCUniversal does MIPCOM 2014

    October 23rd, 2014

    A snapshot of the hard work (and some play) that goes into putting together one of the classiest exhibition stands at the MIPCOM market in Cannes.

    Well, we survived, again – MIPCOM! For those of you who don’t know already, MIPCOM is the largest, most anticipated content marketplace taking place annually in France.

    Every October major players from the entertainment industry all over the world head to Cannes to buy, sell and explore the latest content. As the event continues to grow it is not just big traditional players in the TV world that make the trip; the presence of digital buyers like Amazon and Netflix continues to climb.
    Here are some facts and figures to give you an idea of the scale of the event:

    • 13,500 participants
    • 100+ countries
    • 2,100 exhibiting companies
    • 80+ key note sessions/ speeches

    And it feels like it! It’s hard to believe how many people descend on this surprisingly small French town in October each year (a lot of them also head to the slightly smaller MIP in April), and what really surprised me is the fact that no-one is actually there for the conference.  Doing business is way more important than attending the lectures – in fact, nobody I know actually went to see any of the keynote speakers (James Murdoch and Simon Cowell no less).  People came here to buy and sell TV content, and that’s what they did.

    The sheer volume of content on display was gobsmacking.  There were hundreds of stands from all over the world packed into the Palais des Festivals.  Some of the bigger companies had hired their own tents (read marquees) and others had huge balconies for entertaining their guests (including NBCU).  Some of the smallest companies had one or two representatives, whereas the bigger ones took a hundred or so delegates with them.  It was surprising to see just how much is being produced globally, and that there is genuinely is a market for all this diverse content.  The ideas for TV programmes never seem to dry up – just when you think you’ve heard the wackiest premise for a reality TV show ever, Celebrity Pole Dancing comes along and trumps it.

    So why were NBCUniveral Recruiters there?

    Good question. Looking at the above, I did feel slightly fraudulent visiting MIPCOM.  I wasn’t buying anything.  And I wasn’t really selling anything.  Although I guess you could say I was there to sell NBCUniversal to potential candidates.  Because whenever and wherever a large group of industry executives congregate, Recruiters will be sure to follow.  It’s only natural that internal recruitment teams like ours, and also recruitment agencies specialising in the entertainment industry, would flock to one of the biggest television conferences in the world.  Nowhere else do you find the entire industry – including key decision makers and content creators – trapped in one place for three days, and in the mood to talk.

    With over 2,000 exhibiting companies it is also a perfect opportunity to pick up on industry trends and suss out what is happening within our competitors. Running from meeting to meeting, we spoke to some exciting people, swapped industry information and generally pitched NBCUniversal International as a great place to build a career.

    So despite the madness, it appears that lots of work actually gets done.  It’s not a jolly (as many people in the office believe) and actually the long hours of meetings are harder work than a normal day in the office.  Having entertained candidates over breakfast and lunch in lovely bistros and invited them for coffee in some of the nicest hotels in the South of France, I’m just not sure why no-one believes me…

    So What’s In It For Me?

    September 24th, 2014

    Maybe in 1980, the answer would have been, “well, you get paid”. Lovely. In 2014 however, salary alone is no longer enough to entice great people to work for your company. Perks and benefits have become just as important. But why is this and what extras do we actually value?

    Cardboard Efron? Perk!

    Cardboard Efron? Perk!

    Generation Y, or Millenials, don’t just expect a good starting salary. Even a generous holiday allowance and company pension aren’t enough. I’m not sure when it changed, but at some point during the noughties, graduates also began expecting compensation for travel, the ability to work from home, a company mobile phone, a funky Christmas party and more besides. Maybe as companies started trying to differentiate themselves in the war for talent, they realised the more benefits they offer, the more they stand out.

    During my first job for a small firm in 2004, the owner of the company decided to take us all shopping with a personal allowance to buy smart clothes for work. It still sticks in my memory of what constitutes a great perk. Surely perks like this must be a driver of employee engagement as well? Other perks I’ve been treated to are a limo ride, the latest mobile phones and the ability to buy more holiday allowance.

    Perks are funny things though. The ones that are worth the most money often seem to be the least interesting to us. What is the one thing that’s had people most excited this year at NBCU? Free ice-cream every Thursday throughout the summer. And boy, when those little tubs have run out, there is hell to pay if anyone missed out.

    Funnily enough, because most of us still adhere to the age old taboo of not discussing what we earn, the perks are the only bit we really talk to each other about. I for one have done my fair share of boasting when I’ve told everyone I know about NBCU’s summer hours policy (Friday afternoons off don’t you know). But the best bit about working here has to be the screenings of the latest films and television shows, and free DVDs. We even treated our employees to a showing of Lucy at the IMAX last month. And everyone looks forward to the opportunity to win tickets to Premières, most recently Boxtrolls.

    So I guess what I’m saying is I don’t know exactly when or why perks happened, but let’s be grateful that they did. For more information about the culture and perks at NBCUniversal International, check out our careers site.

    Diary of a Working Mum

    September 2nd, 2014

    Returning to work after my Mat Leave was a scary prospect but I am surprised to say that it has been exhilarating so far!

    It’s been a month since I swapped my baby bag for my Louis V Neverfull (which is now always full: BlackBerry, wipes, business cards, baby biscuit crumbs, dummies) and, while it is hard to say goodbye to my daughter in the mornings, it’s equally as thrilling to have a largely uninterrupted coffee, and talk to grown-ups on a regular basis.

    NBCU have been great – I’m now working flexible hours, and doing a day from home which both make the inevitable juggling act much easier. So far, the balance is working and the team have been very supportive, to the point that my lovely colleagues have allowed me to bore them with the obligatory iPhone photo collection!

    I hope that this flexibility and willingness to support working mothers is true across the board, and the statistics certainly seem to be positive: a study by the Office for National Statistics found that the number of women with dependent children in work, has leapt my almost a fifth since the mid-1990’s.

    So, one month in, and I’m already creating a recruitment toolkit and masterminding training for some hiring managers. I’ve also met some really interesting candidates, getting back into interviewing at a run. Company drinks at The Ivy were a great re-introduction to the company’s social scene. I entered a staff competition to win a trip to Universal Orlando, trying out or brand new internal social network, and am going to a staff screening of The Purge. So far the only big downside has been avoiding the free Thursday ice-cream (mission to lose baby weight severely tested by the salted caramel!)

    My tips for coming going back into work:

    • Talk to your employer: My manager was helpful and open when I approached her, and together we worked on a solution that worked for me, and my job. I also spent time talking to HR, who were transparent about how the business could help, and what support I was entitled to.
    • Plan a work schedule: I work a day from home, which means there are certain things I can’t do. Rather than weighing me down, this has forced me to become more efficient. I make sure that my meetings are scheduled on certain days of the week, phone calls on others, which means that when I work from home I use that time for things that need breathing space and quiet.
    • Be efficient and organised: Spend the last few minutes at work prepping for the next morning, as once I get home I won’t have time to sort it out. When I arrive back at my desk the next day, it all looks sane and coherent.
    • Reality check: Plans can flex and change. Periodically look at your arrangements and how they’re working for you, your family and your job. If there are issues, you can raise them,

    I can genuinely say that, although I had a great time on maternity leave, I’m immensely happy to be back at work and hope to be a great role model for the Mini-Me as she grows (or at least nab a few Barbie DVDs to bring home from work!)

    Working Mum, signing off x

    The Future Leaders Programme at NBCUniversal

    September 1st, 2014

    About a year ago, Joe Cooke, a current Future Leaders Programme participant, successfully passed the interview process and assessment centre to begin his FLP adventure in January 2014. Here he tells us more about his experience so far.

    “What really stood out was the exposure to senior leaders from the beginning of the programme. You are in a privileged position with unparalleled access to senior staff. Every executive contacted is happy to take the time to speak with you – these include SVPs and Presidents of the business. In this major career step, having open access to senior management and their experiences is invaluable.”

    One of the most challenging projects Joe has worked on was at the end of his first month, where he reviewed the strategy and global trends for the formats business. “There was an immense amount of information to cover as well as trying to get to grips with data systems. The key was to see through all the noise and grapple with the core, underlying issues”.

    As a big fan of the latest TV productions, Joe believes that “the best thing about NBCUniversal is the access to content – both Film and Television. We have a 64 seat 3D Cinema on site with a screen club allowing all employees to watch Universal content the week it airs. And also receive free DVDs of all new physical releases.” His next project will be to review NBCUniversal’s presence on YouTube and how the business can enhance and develop this area. Joe’s journey at NBCUniversal will continue with rotations in different departments and will hopefully culminate in him being taken into a Manager role at the end of the programme next year.

    Does the Future Leaders Programme sound like something you, or someone you know, might be interested in exploring? If so, please visit because applications for FLP 2015 are now open.

    Are You Using LinkedIn To Its Full Potential?

    August 14th, 2014

    Although Facebook still dominates the social media world, for professionals it is LinkedIn that should be getting more of our attention. LinkedIn is an important networking tool and a way to help secure your next job – it’s a fact for us, because here at NBCUniversal International, the Talent Acquisition team uses LinkedIn as a key tool to find talent in the market.

    Earlier this year LinkedIn announced it had hit 300 million users worldwide. LinkedIn has changed the recruitment landscape for us, and there’s nothing better than finding someone online, and then seeing them succeeding in our business.

    So, are you using LinkedIn to its full potential? To help you understand what we look for, here are a few Top Tips for building and maximising your profile.

    • A photo is great – This adds credibility to your profile and increases the chance that someone will click through to view your page. Apparently, people are seven times more likely to take a look if they can see who you are up front.
    • Answer 3 key questions concisely – Make sure it is clear who you are, what you do and who you do it for. Keep information brief and factual.
    • Show off your work – Whether text, images or videos, it is worth adding samples of your work to your LinkedIn page to make your profile more interactive and engaging. It also gives people a chance to see what you are about upfront.
    • Ask for written recommendations – Don’t be afraid to ask former colleagues to endorse your skills and experience. Recommendations help set you apart from others, give a snapshot of who you are and again give your profile a bit of a credibility boost.
    • Join groups and follow industry experts – This is a great way to increase your LinkedIn network and keep up to date on certain companies and industries. It will also help keep you in the loop about interesting jobs that are coming up in your sector.
    • Make contact information visible – Only direct connections have automatic access to your contact details on LinkedIn. Having an email address visible on your profile will allow others to get in touch directly.
    • Personalise connection messages – Take time to personalise your connection messages as it is a great way to differentiate yourself. Whether it is highlighting a shared connection or shared group on LinkedIn or whether you have met in person before, pointing out the link increases the chance of a prompt and personalised response.
    • Keep active – Finally, make use of all the tools available to keep your profile up to date. The more you participate the more likely you are to attract interest and raise your profile.

    Meeting us for an interview?

    July 30th, 2014

    Meeting us for an interview at Central Saint Giles? Here are our top tips!

    Working in recruitment, your blogger reads a lot of tips, best practice and handy hints to do well at interview. All of which are very useful, but fairly general, and I know that interviewing with different companies can be a very different experience.

    Thus, please find below a tailored guide for how to survive an interview at NBCUniversal International, if you’re visiting at Central Saint Giles. Hint: it’s not the people who are scary, it’s the lifts!

    • We are the big orange and green building that looks like lego. Yes, it is a pretty cool office.
    • Our postcode is WC2H 8NU. But not on google maps, for some reason. To get straight to the front door, please use WC2H 8AG. We don’t know why…
    • If you are visiting us between 8.30am and 10am, or at lunchtime, please arrive a good ten minutes early. It’s like Grand Central Station here! Lots of media bods bustling around.
    • Ah yes, the lifts. Don’t go into the lifts. First, find the buttons outside the lifts. Press the floor you want to go to (probably 3), and the interface will direct you to the lift you need, most likely A through J. Easy, right?
    • Please don’t be afraid to ask for a tea (we have loads), coffee or other beverage.
    • Dress code? It depends. Generally we’d advise smart/casual (no tie needed), but do just double check with your contact to make sure.
    • Smile! Yes, it’s an interview but it’s not designed to be scary. People at NBCUI are lovely, and we want you to feel free to be yourself.

    From here, I can’t help you. But your HR contact will be able to – don’t be afraid to ask questions about who you will be meeting, what that specific person is looking for, what questions are likely to be asked, and more. They will tell you anything they can – we’re here to help.

    This is pretty specific advice, I know. But if you’re interviewing in any office, anywhere, it is definitely worth knowing the nearest station, what the building looks like, etc, rather than arriving in vaguely the right area with nothing but a hastily scribbled postcode to work from.

    Potter Mania Hits NBCUniversal

    July 18th, 2014

    It’s been an exciting few weeks for Harry Potter fans, with JK Rowling’s release of a short story giving the first sneak peek into the wizarding world of the future since the end of the final book. For us here at NBCUniversal we are adding to the Harry Potter mania with the official opening of Universal Orlando Resort’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley to the public.

    Your blogger poses beautifully beside Potter himself!

    Your blogger poses beautifully beside Potter himself!

    As a Harry Potter fan for the past 17 years (yes, that’s when the first book came out!) I have been captivated with the launch of this theme park and new ride, with lots of internal publicity making my day to day less muggle and more magical. In our offices we’ve had golden galleons dropped on our desks (delicious chocolate) and our digital display screens, not too dissimilar to the moving portraits in Hogwarts, have been dominated with Harry Potter at our Orlando theme park. Whole walls in our kitchen areas have been covered with the image of Harry, Ron and Hermione advertising The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

    Wherever you are in our business, whatever your role, you are exposed to NBCUniversal content and unified by what we do. And what we do is amazingly diverse; theme parks are just one aspect of our offering. In addition to the resorts in Hollywood and LA we have two theme parks in Asia (Japan and Singapore) and Osaka is so popular that when it opened in 2001 it hosted 11 million guests in its first year.

    For the Harry Potter fans (who sadly never received their letter of acceptance to Hogwarts) here is a sample of what you can experience in our theme park:

    • The opportunity to board the Hogwarts Express at platform 9¾
    • Visiting Hogsmeade to sample the butterbeer in the Leaky Caldron
    • Stroll down Diagon Alley and select your wand (well, it will select you) at Ollivanders
    • Choose your animal sidekick at the Magical Menagerie
    • Have a chuckle at the Weasley’s joke shop
    • See if you can catch the golden snitch at Quality Quiditch
    • Take a 3D ride through Gringotts in The Escape from Gringotts!

    If you’re excited by our unique offering and want to join this charming (get it?!) organisation check out our latest opportunities at here or follow us on Twitter @NBCUGlobaljobs. From my experience, it’s an adventure you’ll want to take!